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5 Reasons Why You Should Go On a Safari

Derived from the Swahili word journey, safaris are an authentic yet exciting way to see wild animals in their natural habitat. In a country that boasts in its abundance of wildlife such as the Big Five, a safari promises to be a sun kissed journey which accents the true beauty of Africa. In a safari, [...]

How to Be a Great Sports Coach

Coaching is one of the most difficult professions there is. With your coaching being exposed to public scrutiny; one has to develop a thick skin and adapt certain habits to get better at the job. Aristotle[i], an ancient Greek philosopher, once said "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but [...]

Out of Office Meetings

Just like every individual, companies also have new goals and strategies for every year. This calls for a very elaborative strategic planning process. Your offices are obviously your default place for working but you might want to change things up a bit and do an out of office annual strategic planning meeting! Off sight meetings [...]

How Nature Contributes to Health

The need for the fresh air, the sight of trees, the sea waves and the birds chirping are something that we should be experiencing every day, we should be putting time aside to reconnect with nature. Living in cities has made our physical activities to be indoors leaving us with little to no contact with [...]

The Mammals That Roam Our Backyards

Season in and season out, locals and tourists flock into our country’s treasured places to take advantage of our animals. The country’s habitat makes it ideal for a variety of species to exist (whether it is the ocean, our arid deserts and the healthy nourished land). Zwartkloof is no exception to this, our game reserve [...]

Vacation in the Wild

Travelling does not necessarily have to be reserved for December holidays only, travelling after peak season can help you save a lot of money. Planning your holiday for the beginning of 2019 might just be the best decision you could make today! A well-deserved vacation away from the city might not be a bad idea [...]

Camping Chronicles

If you have been having doubts about sending your children to camp, perhaps it is time to reconsider. Camping culture in South Africa is not popular, but promoting it could leave a positive footprint in a child's life. Whether you are a parent or a school teacher looking for something different for your pupils to [...]

Host Your Corporate Year End Function at Zwartkloof Private Game Reserve

It has been a long year of working hard in the office and now it’s time to show gratitude to your employees for all the work you’ve accomplished together this past year. Tone down the seriousness and join us for a getaway filled with fun and activities to help build a bond and memories among [...]

Here’s Why You Should Visit Zwartkloof Private Game Reserve

Here’s Why You Should Visit Zwartkloof Private Game Reserve Situated 13 km west of Bela Bela Warmbaths on the R516, Zwartkloof Private Game Reserve is the ultimate venue for all group functions, such as family reunions, retreats, end year functions, etc. Our game reserve boasts in exceptional natural beauty, plenty of wildlife and offering the [...]

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