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If you have been having doubts about sending your children to camp, perhaps it is time to reconsider. Camping culture in South Africa is not popular, but promoting it could leave a positive footprint in a child’s life.

Whether you are a parent or a school teacher looking for something different for your pupils to do, here are the benefits of camping for children:

Social Skills – Camping generally is about socializing and team work, this will allow the child to break out of their shell and participate, which then promotes self-confidence.

Change of scenery – A change from the four-walled classroom and their households can bring about excitement, and being closer to nature can evoke a positive spirit.

Exercise – Camps are all about outdoor games and activities, and to many kids, it is a shift from their daily routines of watching television and playing video games till bedtime. Camps promote physical stimulation and promote healthy living in children.

Builds friendships – Spending time with each other as children and a few supervisors can help build lifelong friendships, it also eradicates the toxic clicks and stereotypes that they experience in their everyday lives at school.

Personal growth – A reward they get for finishing or winning a task or activity can really boost confidence, plus attaining new personal skills such as communication.


It’s fun!- Overall, after a long year of working hard and getting good grades at school, a getaway is important to children is as it is to adults. It’s not just about coming home with camp souvenirs but they will show improvement in their school and home life.


With our facilities at Zwartkloof Private Game Reserve, your children will be in a safe space where their creativity will be enhanced while they simultaneously develop their skills. Our group camp sights are Malaria free with outcome based activities that can be tailored for every different group.

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