Below is the FAQ for each Question regarding Development

Section 1: Ownership
Are the stands full title or sectional title?

The developer received approval for full title stands, which means that the homeowner will have freehold title and own the stand and the buildings erected on it. Traversing rights over the remainder of the reserve are also registered with each title deed.

How big are the stands?

All stands are 2500 sq m.

How far are the stands apart?

The stands have been individually positioned with regard to trees, views and privacy. The center point of adjacent stands is approximately 100m apart.

How many stands will there be?

A total of 302 private stands.

How much will the levies be?

The Home Owner’s Association determines the levies. The monthly levy is currently set at R2 005.89 (incl VAT) per month for the period July 2017 – June 2018.

What services will be included in the levy?

Safety and security, insurance of public areas, maintenance of services (electricity, water supply, roads and fences), maintenance of facilities (trails, hides, recreational areas, staff quarters and entrance structures) and administration. The developer will be responsible for wildlife management (veld management, water provision, monitoring, research, etc.). As the game add substantially to the value of the properties, 15% of the monthly levy is allocated towards the maintenance of the game.

Are there additional monthly costs apart from the levy?

Property taxes, water end electricity are also for the owner’s account.

How much is the deposit?

A deposit of 5% is required on Phase 1 A and B and 15% for Phase 2 is required within 14 days of signing  OR you can make use of the developer’s financing option:

20% non-refundable deposit.  Balance in installments over 48 months, interest free.

Is the deposit refundable?

The deposit will unfortunately not be refundable.

When do I have to pay the balance?

The balance of the purchase price is due on registration.

Are mortgage bonds available?

A bond originator has been appointed to assist with mortgage applications. A mortgage must be approved in principal in conjunction with the deposit OR make use of the Developer’s deal.

Am I allowed to sell my unit before I take transfer of the unit?

No, units may only be sold after taking transfer.

Section 2: Building & Architecture
What size dwelling can I build?

Owners can build dwellings of between 200 sq m and 450 sq m.

Can I build a swimming pool?

Swimming pools of not larger than 16sq m are allowed.

Are there architectural guidelines I must adhere to?

Yes, the style is a contemporary, eco-friendly design with the emphasis on low maintenance and maximum adaptation to the particular vegetation and geography of the reserve. Due to the constraints mentioned above, the option of thatched roofs has been excluded.

Why will thatched roofs not be allowed?
  • Thatch roofs are extremely vulnerable to veld fires during the winter season. The low occupation rate of a development of this nature, coupled with the topography, will also increase the risk of fire damage to buildings and property.
  • For lightning protection each thatch roof house will require up to three lightning conductors, depending on the building size. Due to the topography of the estate, conductors will be visible from all sites against the mountain slopes.   This will detract substantially from the expected bushveld experience.
  • Many houses will be unoccupied for periods of time. We would like to offer an “arrive and relax” product without the continuous dusting and cleaning required for a thatched roof. Within our design concept you can design a building, which requires far less maintenance without forfeiting aesthetical design opportunities.
  • To keep the estate as visually undisturbed as possible, roof pitches must protrude above the treetops as little as possible. Thatch roofs can only be constructed with a 45 degree pitch which will result in 7 to 10m high buildings on flat stands and up to 13 meters high, adding the plinth, against the mountain slopes. Thatch roofs will be highly visible from everywhere, whereas our design will not be higher than 4 to 5 meters at most and which can be comfortably tucked in behind clusters of indigenous trees.
  • Due to the enormous roof construction required by thatch roofs, the price of thatch, expensive fire proof treatment and maintenance, thatch roofs will increase the building cost substantially, compared to the lighter, less obvious roof design.
  • In order to guarantee comfortable climate conditions inside the houses at all times during the year, we consulted with an international company to provide a proven construction detail that will regulate room temperatures. The above solution will provide comparatively similar indoor climate as thatch roofs in summer and a much better climate in winter.
  • Sinusitis, hay fever and odours associated with thatch roofs will not be present.
Can I use my own architect?

In order to maintain the architectural integrity of the development, only the architect appointed by the developer may be used.

How long do I have to build?

Home owners have to start building within 3 years after the transfer date and complete the building within 1 year.

Section 3: Reserve Management
Can I move around freely on the 2000 ha game reserve?

Yes, apart from designated exclusion areas, as well as the dangerous game enclosure of approximately 100 ha, that will only be accessible on guided game drives.

What about security?

The main entrance gate will be manned by security guards on a 24/7 basis. Daily patrols of the reserve will also be instituted. The owners can install alarms systems, compatible with the security system, at each dwelling.

Game on the farm?

Currently we have the following species:  Lion, Buffalo, Blue wildebeest, Red hartebeest, Waterbuck, Grey rhebuck, Impala, Kudu, Giraffe, Njala, Bushbuck, Duiker, Klipspringer, Sable, Roan and a few more.

Who owns the game?

The developer will retain ownership of the game in order to remove the burden of management from the home owners. The game will be professionally managed according to the ecological management plan.

What guarantee is there that the developer will ensure the presence of game on the reserve?

In agreement with the Home Owners Association, the developer undertakes to stock the reserve according to the current ecological management plan, subject to revisions by an ecological consultant.

Who will pay for game and veld management?

The developer will be responsible for wildlife management. The Home Owners Association will contribute 15% of the monthly levy towards wildlife management.

Am I allowed to fence my stand?

In order to facilitate the free movement of game on the reserve, no fences will be allowed on stands apart from securing swimming pools.

Will quad bikes be allowed?

Due to the nature of the development, no excessive noise will be allowed, which precludes the use of quad bikes on the reserve.

Are any pets allowed?

No pets will be allowed as they are deemed to be incompatible with game on the reserve.

What about the exotic plant species occurring near the recreation area?

All exotic plant species will be removed as part of the veld rehabilitation programme.

Section 4: General
Will something be done about the previous mining activities?

The remaining rock- and gravel dumps at the bottom of the hill are being rehabilitated. The buildings used by the mineworkers are currently being used by the managing agent.

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