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Coaching is one of the most difficult professions there is. With your coaching being exposed to public scrutiny; one has to develop a thick skin and adapt certain habits to get better at the job. Aristotle[i], an ancient Greek philosopher, once said “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit” So then what are things that coaches can do every day to attain excellence?

Here are a few tips:

Lead by example

You are a team leader, the players look up to you in more ways than one. The rules you set for your team should be the adhered to by the coach as well. Knowing the rules, adapting to new ones plus coaching the team according to the recognized management’s guideline will show players that even coaches follow the law and direction.

Sponge For Knowledge

The team takes instruction from you; it should not come as a surprise that you might end up having to give personal advice which can improve an individual’s behavior. This also means being informed of new training techniques, and also attending coaching camps and conferences to better yourself.

Be a Motivator

Getting the team to believe in themselves and achieve more than what they themselves believe they can achieve makes one a great coach. Paying attention to every individual is vital as their individual wellbeing contributes to the greater good of the team. Including jokes and fun in the motivation builds inside jokes and bonds between teammates and yourself as a coach.

An Effective Teacher Plus Good Listener

As with anything in life, you always get what you give out. So if you are attentive and are a good listener, your students are bound to reciprocate the same energy. Encouraging your team to communicate by sharing their ideas and opinions builds trust between the team and makes everyone feel like an equal.

Show Commitment and Determination

This goes back to leading by example, when you show commitment you evoke the same energy from the team. This can be by showing up early, respecting people, having integrity and being a person of good character. Be what you want your team to be.

No one can be perfect, but we can sure be the best versions of ourselves. Following these few steps (and a whole lot more) can lead you down the right path of being a good coach[ii]. Keeping in mind that coaching styles are different and can be influenced by different factors.

Fortunately, at Zwartkloof we have camp facilities that can host you and your team. Whether it’s a retreat or a team building trip we have facilities and activities to help you relax and enjoy your team’s company outside the training ground. Contact us on or call 083 676 0772




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