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Just like every individual, companies also have new goals and strategies for every year. This calls for a very elaborative strategic planning process. Your offices are obviously your default place for working but you might want to change things up a bit and do an out of office annual strategic planning meeting!

Off sight meetings can be good for office relationships as they are usually filled with fun activities. Having a change from the everyday seat in front of a desktop routine can do wonders to your employees. It may heighten their creative juices and inspire them to tackle every situation differently.

Booking a getaway to a game reserve like Zwartkloof, where you will be surrounded by nature while feeding off of your coworker’s energies outside the office can really improve productivity in the office. If you need more convincing, here are 5 reasons why off-site meetings are beneficial for you and your employees:


They inspire creativity, being in a different environment can change your thought process. It stimulates one’s mind especially if they are around nature. It allows employees to breakout of the shell they have built in the typical everyday environment.

Change of scenery

This will give your employees a new perspective on things and even come up with different ways of problem solving. New great ideas during brainstorming might come up more than they would have in an office session.  This can also build a culture for the office.

Encourages Communication

Being in a more relaxed area where there is no superiority complex even from seniors where seniors can get a sense of how their team conclude on some of their decisions and ideas, a sense of feedback so that they can also be able to make the work environment a bit more welcoming. Which ultimately improves relationships around the workplace.

They give a fresh perspective

Coming back to the office, employees will have a better understanding of each other making them more emphatic towards one another. Understanding each other will come easier since employees would have had spent a day or two together outside their comfort zone. This will make the workflow much easier and smooth sailing.

Make employees feel appreciated

This might be a small gesture but employees appreciate anything that their managers do or say. A much-needed getaway although work related, will make employees feel like you care about their wellbeing. It creates inclusivity and a strong connection between employees and management.

So go ahead make your employees feel special by booking a getaway with us at Zwartkloof by contacting us via email or calling 083 676 0772 and experience nature at its best with wild animals and vegetation all around, you will not get tired of the view. We also have a long list of activities such as ziplining, wall climbing, paint ball and even take a long nature walk together.

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