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Travelling does not necessarily have to be reserved for December holidays only, travelling after peak season can help you save a lot of money. Planning your holiday for the beginning of 2019 might just be the best decision you could make today!

A well-deserved vacation away from the city might not be a bad idea after all, you and the kids have been working hard all year round, a little resting to refresh the brain is much needed. It does not have to end there, exploring our vegetation on whatever season of the year can be a feast for the eyes!

South Africa has the best landscape without a doubt, it would be unfortunate to not explore them. Become one with nature this summer as it calms the mind, body and soul down. Travel with family to the wild, explore the scenery and activities that will push you to the edge.

Traveling with family might seem like a task and a half hence we have created this list of benefits of family vacations.

Quality Time

After a long year of working and schooling, weekends are quite short and not enough for bonding with your children. Relaxing and taking time off from your busy schedule might help you start the new year with a fresh mind and spirit plus relieve stress.

Create Memories

The journey and the different activities that you will partake in will help you make lasting memories. You will leave the vacation with newfound souvenirs to always look back on.


Doing out of the box activities with your family will unveil another side in them that you didn’t know existed. Getting out of a comfort zone and pushing yourselves might build self-confidence, whether in you or the children.

Breeds Culture

You might enjoy yourself so much that you decide this should be an annual thing. That way you have built a tradition for your children to carry down to even theirs.

It Has Sentimental Value

It takes out the need for material things and gives the family a sense of self and thankfulness. Contrary to popular belief children also value family more than the latest iPhone. Another benefit is that it gives them a chance to learn about the history of their family and gives them a sense of belonging. So, cuddle up around that fire and share with them your own childhood memories.

Sure, the hardest part might be the budgeting and planning, we will get to that on our next blog post.

Zwartkloof is the perfect place for your first or many more vacations. Our luxury lodge is Malaria free with a number of different animals from buffalos to lions. Necessities such as a braai area, air conditioning and a daily cleaning service are provided.

You’ll love the modern amenities & breathtaking views of our luxurious self-catering lodge. The whole lodge can be booked out per reservation to a minimum of 10 people per group.

To find out more, call 014 736 2825 or visit or contact us for booking on We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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