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It has been a long year of working hard in the office and now it’s time to show gratitude to your employees for all the work you’ve accomplished together this past year. Tone down the seriousness and join us for a getaway filled with fun and activities to help build a bond and memories among your employees.

Whether it’s just a casual getaway with the office team or a team building retreat, we can all agree that the location of it all is key.

With our scenic reserve, it will be a much-needed change from the city’s concrete jungle inherent features. For your convenience, our reserve is 13 kilometers away from Bela Bela and at least an hour drive from Pretoria.  The regular warm weather makes for a good outdoor adventure any day and any time of the day.

The activities on sight include hiking, mountain biking and game drives. All of these activities are a great way of also viewing our game species which include buffalos, sable, roan, leopard, eland, kudu, nyala, waterbuck, zebra, blue wildebeest, impala, duiker, steenbok and warthog.

Outcome-based activities are the best for groups of colleagues on vacation. Our activities will help the team to work on skill such as:

The games and activities in place require clear and appropriate communication in order to succeed, this will then allow your employees to improve this skill even in the office.

Working together like a well-oiled machine to accomplish tasks can produce the best possible outcome and this is good for any company.

Depending on one another and realizing that every team member is of equal importance for the success of the company.

Individuals of the company have to be able to be independent and lead whether they occupy a junior or senior position.

Being able to foresee potential disasters or even solving problems amidst the disaster.

Corporates change and evolve from time to time. You want to make sure that your employees are equipped with the skills to help them adapt to change.

For those conversations over a warm fire or formal meetings, we have equipped conference facilities like group camps and conference facilities. And for building trust and overcoming fear we have activities like paintball, zip lining and so forth.

And of course, when all the activities have left you exhausted, we have well-designed accommodation that ranges from a self-catering lodge that is standard accommodation that can be reserved for 10 people, to a self-catering tent camp that each accommodate a group of four people with an en-suite bathroom as well as a self-catering lion camp where the sounds of lions roaring will be the only music you need.

Experience South African summer nights at our game reserve to unwind, relax and reflect on the year you have had. Book an office get away with us now, send an email to

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